Football is one of the most brutal, intense and demanding sports one can play.  Experts have stated that every hit that a player takes can be compared to a mini car crash.  Virtually year–round, a football player is expected to work out, absorb hits, give hits, attack and be attacked.

ASL understands the trauma your body has gone through from playing football and the medical care you will need as you grow older.  As an ASL team member, you will get the compensation and medical care that you deserve.

Semi-Pro Football

Do Semi–Pro Players qualify for benefits?  Full–time or part time Arena League Players?  How about LFL (Lingerie Football League) players?  What about players who only play for the promise of potentially making $100 a game?  The resounding answer to all of these is YES!

Semi–Pro players sustain just as much wear and tear to their bodies as pro players.  Whether you played multiple seasons for a semi–pro league in California, one game for an LFL team, or only played for an independent league in California that only lasted one season and never came through in its promises for compensation, you may qualify for a California worker’s compensation claim.