Frequently Asked Questions

What is worker's compensation?

It is a no-fault system that requires every employer to provide benefits to injured workers.

Are athletes covered?

Not only are they covered but professional athletes are considered to belong among the highest injury risk occupations that exist.

What type of injuries?

The most common are orthopedic, neurological, and internal due to cumulative trauma (wear and tear over an entire career). Athletes also incur problems from specific incident injuries.

What if I played a long time ago?

You may still have a claim. Employers in California are required to give workers’ written notice in clear, unambiguous, language informing them of their rights and that claims must be filed within a certain time period. If your teams did not give you such notice, you may still have a claim. We have filed successful claims for athletes who played 40 years ago. Not all states have this relief from the Statute of Limitations. If you played for non-California teams, you may wish to check with your personal attorney to determine if you have a viable claim in those states.