The Globetrotters put on the “Greatest show on earth” everywhere they play.  The Globetrotters are entertainers.  Or are they?  Listen to a former Globetrotter tell you the pounding their bodies experience on a daily basis and tell me if you believe they are simply entertainers.  As one Globetrotter put it: “Imagine running full speed at a steel or wire rim and slamming your wrist into it; that’s what it’s like to dunk a ball in a Globetrotter game.  Now imagine doing this several times in every game and every practice. – Sterling “Smooth” Forbes – Former Harlem Globetrotter.

As one judge stated:

“Nowhere is this work ethic better seen than in professional basketball … Nowhere is there a more demanding physical sport. The schedule is long, requiring travel, and performing in games three or four times a week. You just can’t hide injuries when you are required to run the floor for 30 or 40 minutes each game, and practice in between these games.”

Judge Robert E. Drakulich

This is even more intense for Globetrotters as they play 6 or 7 games per week – including double headers where the morning game will be in one city and the evening game is another city.  As Lynette Woodard – the first female Globetrotter stated:  “Your body never did anything like this before.  We’re here today, gone tomorrow.”

ASL understands the trauma your body has gone through from playing for the Globetrotters and the medical care you will need as you grow older.  As an ASL team member, you will get the compensation and medical care that you deserve.